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About Church With Me

Church With Me For many years the founders of Elevated Mind, Inc. have been reliable friends to each another. They and their families share a mutual respect for many important values found in faith and peace. They also both share having busy and encumbered lives. One day, Rainer (R. Dorn, President) returned home from a long trip abroad. During the long flight home Rainer remembered a little thing he once saw in Europe - a wooden box with a candle for personal concentration and meditation purpose. He was excited to share the idea of building a personal altar to be used at anytime and placed in any location, to help focus thoughts and prayers, and which creates a peaceful and calming environment.

Rainer’s idea was designed and conceptualized into Church with Me CwM. It is easily handled and uniquely quaint with handcrafted care. Rainer shared his idea, inspiration, and CwM with Chris (C. Ambrosio, Vice President) which they both found ideally valuable and purposeful in a world overwhelmed with electronic and mechanical devices. Rainer and Chris are excited to share their creation and discovery of how CwM brings tranquility to any setting, balance to life’s rigors, and how it opens doorways for meditation, pray, and personal time with the Almighty. Every person can benefit from CwM.

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